Thursday, 26 June 2008

So Long, Sucky Weather!

Listen here, Auckland. I've had quite enough of your mood swings, your windy tantrums and wintery personality. I'm leaving you for warmer shores. Maybe with some time apart we'll find a way to reconcile our differences, but until then.... bring on the tropics!

I'm in the airport departure lounge, at gate 3 in fact. Sitting by the boarding gate in front of a long line of screaming kids, middle-age businessmen, mothers, grandfathers....

I have two bags, one more than the carry-on allowance. The combined weight is about 15 kg. I really hope they let me on, there was a huge hoo-haa checking in with a 28kg suitcase, it wasn't fun. Update when (if) I land!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Going Home

I've been away for just over 6 months, so I'm rather stoked about finally coming home. I left Auckland last November, and I've been traveling since. If I thought living in a hotel (hotels) for 6 months sounded like fun when I left, I certainly don't think that any more. I had fun, but it's time to go home.

My travels look something like this from memory:New Zealand-Hong Kong-Thailand-Finland-Thailand-China-Thailand-China-Taiwan-China-
Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore-Thailand-China-New Zealand (I'm about to embark on the final leg).

I have a plane to catch, so I'll fill in the gaps later.