Monday, 3 August 2009


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I was on holiday in Kuala Lumpur recently, and took my young younger
niece and nephew (13 and 15) to the KL Tower. We tried going up the Petronas Towers first, but discovered on arrival that tickets are rationed daily -- you need to get in line by 7-8am. I asked the cashier why they were limited, and she told me they were provided free, which didn't really answer my question. I asked why they didn't simply charge, like every other tower I've been to, but she just looked at me oddly and said she didn't know. I realised there's no point getting mad with people at the bottom of the tower...them's just the rules!

We walked to the KL tower, and paid about 40 ringgit each to access the observation deck. Good panoramic views of the city, and the the realisation that the Petronas towers' skybridge was 100m below, made it worth the outlay.

Coming out of the elevators on the ground floor I was struck by an exquisite hemispherical glass/crystal ceiling feature. My fisheye lens was made for this!

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